Youth Class

In today’s society, we believe that our youth need an honest, enjoyable, professional and disciplined way of learning how to move. We do not promote ‘organised play’. This is a fancy way of letting kids play and hope they pick something useful up themselves without the teacher doing anything other than supervision. And we don’t promote healthy-and-safety cotton-wooling. Which is another way of saying that their parents/government/society can project their fears onto the kids.

No. Our youth need to be able to learn about risk (Which is different from danger). They should understand personal fear and how to overcome it. Get the fundamental facts and experience of how to be healthy, mobile and self-reliable. They should be challenged and have an honest feedback loop to which they can adjust and course-correct.

Age limit

Currently, we take any children from the age of eight to twelve (8 to 14). At age fifteen they are able to join the adult classes.

Class bookings & location

See the classes page for details of when the youth class takes place and to make a booking. For locations, head over to the class locations page.


Even though the classes are always different, we will always be moving a lot. You’ll sweat a lot and will need to keep hydrated, so it's wise to bring water along with you to class.


Sorry to say, parents and spectators will be asked to leave any class and will not be allowed to watch at any time. Why?!? I hear you ask. The reason is that we believe the child’s focus should be firmly on what they are doing, rather than submitting to the temptation to impress their family or others. It’s much better to have a learning environment without any risk of judgement or approval seeking. Therefore, a complete blanket-ban on all spectators of a class will be made by the coach.