Student Waiver


I agree that any claims of disability (permanent or otherwise), injury to oneself, liabilities from death or loss of any kind are waived when participating in a London Parkour activity. I agree to full liability of any kind and free any London Parkour staff member of any claims.


By agreeing to this waiver I also consent to full responsibility for any personal injury, death or damage to equipment through the use of any London Parkour apparatus, structures, equipment or facilities during any London Parkour activity.

Filming & Photography

Our classes are frequently filmed and photographed for marketing or project reasons for londonparkour only. Being in public spaces means we have no control over anyone taking footage of students at any time - however we will always ask students if they are ok to being filmed if any pre-planned 3rd-party requests to film are arranged.


I accept and understand that training parkour has risks and dangers associated with it. This includes any participation of any London Parkour classes or taking instruction from London Parkour coaches.

I waive my rights to hold any London Parkour coach, instructor or teacher liable for any level of injury that may occur while engaging in a class or parkour activity under London Parkour.