Class Locations

Canada Water - Outdoor

Canada Water Meeting Spot

The Saturday class is also held at Canada Water and the meeting spot is always by the main library building entrance, just outside the tube station. This is next to the wide open area where the food trucks always set up and skateboarders train.

Canada Water Outdoor meeting spot

Waterloo - Outdoor

Waterloo Meeting Spot

Waterloo has many exits and you want to aim for the main exit on Cab road. We will be either just inside the building or on the steps outside. The link above is the exact point we will be.

Address is: Waterloo Station, York Rd, London SE1 7ND, UK.

Waterloo Meeting Spot

Vauxhall - Outdoor

Vauxhall Meeting Spot (Sunday Youth Classes)

Meet outside exit 2 of the tube station. At the top of the stairs, we will always be by the big metal barrier and toilets.

Vauxhall meeting spot

Archway - Outdoor

Archway Tube Station (Sunday Adult Class)

The Sunday outdoor adult class is held at Archway. The meeting spot is just outside the tube station (Northern Line).

Address is: Junction Rd, Archway, London N19 5RQ.

Archway meeting spot

Canada Water - Indoor

Canada Water, Seven Islands Leisure Center (Wednesday Indoor Class)

The Wednesday indoor class is held at Seven Islands Leisure Center. It's about a 3 minute walk from Canada Water tube station. We meet inside the sports hall.

Address is: 100 Lower Rd, Rotherhithe, London SE16 2TU.

Canada Water Indoor meeting spot