We currently use the service for all transactions on our class booking pages. Stripe is one of the most recognised and popular online payment methods on the internet today. Powering some of the biggest online services such as microsoft, google, spotify, and UNICEF, you can trust that any financial transaction is secure.


The traditional way of turning up to class. Check the location of the class on the booking calendar, turn up and pay by cash before the start of the class.

Please make sure you have the correct amount, we rarely carry change since most of our bookings and payments are online.

A Great way to enjoy classes if you have a hectic schedule, are coming from overseas for a short holiday or you just don’t know when you can join a session.

Refunds & Returns

Any booking and payments for a class are non-refundable within 48 hours of that booking. Once a booking has been made, you are reserving your position in that class and therefore restricting others from booking.

A gift card is refundable as long as it has not been used for any bookings and has been purchased within 14 days. Please contact us with the contact form for further information on this process.

All other services require payment up-front by the customer and are only refundable if we are unable to complete the job due to our own negligence or inability. Any cancellations from the customer, issues regarding the service being changed by the customer, or anything else not within the control or power of LondonParkour to provide the service advertised and agreed upon will not provide a refund.