Beginners Class

The Class

As the name implies this is for beginners, but in all honesty, it’s a bit of a marketing ploy to make everyone and anyone comfortable to try it. We understand that it can be intimidating to come along to a new class on your own and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible from day one. In fact, the truth is that all abilities are welcome to these classes because the way the session is organised, everything is scaled. This means that no matter your ability, you will always have an appropriate version of the training available to you.

We have taught 18-month old toddlers to OAPs and everything in between. No matter your demographic, fitness level or ability level, we can teach you. It just needs you to take the first step and come to a class. Believe us, it’ll just take a single class to make it clear that this is not your usual fitness or exercise class and you’ll love it.

Class contents

Classes will always be different. There will always be different environments, themes, techniques, attributes to focus on and ideas to approach. The single continuous thread linking them all will be challenge. You will always be challenged, within your ability, but in a way that improves you as a human being. Which, at its core, is what parkour is all about.


Parkour is all about challenging yourself to be your best version. If you are unable to train in the rain or snow, then this is a weakness and flaw in the training. You should want to be able to perform in any environment, at any time, with any weather.


Parkour is all about challenging yourself. No one else. This is not a competitive sport in any way. It’s about making you a better person. We actually discourage any form of competition because we’d rather push towards cooperation and collaboration instead. Helping each other become better, rather than place a single person on a pedestal is the way we feel training should be. Competition can motivate some people, but not all. We want to help all.

Indoors vs Outdoors

Parkour is an outdoor discipline. period. You will never replicate outdoor training by training indoors. Indoor training should be used as a ‘supplement’ to help build upon what you learn outdoors. You should start training outdoors from day one and use the indoor classes to help refine technique, practice movements, strength train or condition. But if in doubt, train outdoors as much as possible because again, if you can only do parkour inside then you are not as functional as you could be.

Age limit

14+. Anyone under the age of fourteen will be directed to our youth classes instead.


Anything that allows for free un-restricted movement. Tracksuit bottoms, tee-shirt and trainers is your best bet. Anything heavy-duty (boots) or restrictive (jeans) will make life a little harder for you, but it’s totally your call.

All jewellery, watches, phones, wallets, etc… must be left out of the class. This is so it doesn’t get caught or landed on. Safety is paramount in these classes.


Even though the classes are always different, we will always be moving a lot. You’ll sweat a lot and will need to keep hydrated, so its wise to bring water along with you to class.


All prejudice of any kind is left outside the class. Anyone, of any ethnicity, religious background, sexual orientation or legal political ideology has the right to learn. We do not discriminate against anyone from coming to our classes. However, anyone bringing any prejudice into the class will be asked to leave permanently.


All coaches will switch off their phones and put them in their bags as class starts, so you will be unable to contact them. If you are going to be late, then message the coach --BEFORE-- the class starts through WhatsApp or Slack and they'll send you a map location of where the class will start. (The WhatsApp/Slack details are on your confirmation booking email).