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Online Classes

Home-based online training during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The 2020 Coronavirus has changed the way we operate for the immediate future. Adapting to this change in life, we're now offering online live-streamed classes to everyone. Based around bodyweight training, we can still remain healthy and strong and we encourage you to do the same. Join us online.


While the COVID-19 virus is forcing everyone to self-isolate we are running online, stay-at-home, classes focusing on movement, mobility, meditation and more. If you participate in the class, we appreciate and donation you can spare.

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Online Class Donation

An online class donation. Whatever you feel you can spare for the class session.

Connect with us through the online video conferencing app

Gift Coupons

Use the code you receive in the discount box when booking a class.
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Classes 1 London Parkour
Gift Card 5

A Pre-pay coupon code for five classes. A great gift for someone wanting to try parkour.

Classes 1 London Parkour
Gift Card 11

Pay for 10 classes, receive 11. A great way to keep motivated, simplify booking and making a saving.

Classes 1 London Parkour
Gift Card 1

A single class coupon. Try out a class or gift a session for someone.


Indoor Classes

Practical movement for everyone. You’ve seen it in the movies, imagined yourself chasing bad guys, leaping buildings like ninjas. To begin, every hero needs to understand how to train.

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You’ve seen it in the movies, imagined yourself chasing bad guys, leaping buildings like ninjas.
To begin, every hero needs to understand how to train.


The heart of parkour is challenge. Train to physically and mentally overcome anything.

Consistency is key

Learn to inspect, dissect and conquer challenges, at any ability level. Movement problem-solving pushes you to grow.

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Change and adjust to any situation or obstacle, becoming not just fit and healthy, but practical and functional.

Whole body movement.

Humans are built to use all parts of the body, using all attributes, in all directions, under any situation and environment.

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Become the best version of yourself. Enjoy your training and discover a whole new world of movement.

What to expect.


Anyone can start parkour. A training experience tailored to your abilities.


Every class is different. Structured to always contain new challenges themed upon parkour movement concepts and attributes.


Cooperation rather than competition. We focus on helping everyone overcome the challenges in their own way.


Stength, speed, power, fearlessness, balance, focus, proprioception, endurance, mobility, spatial awareness, grit, muscular control, resilience, fluidity, precision, confidence…

And so much more...

Secure. The new standard in safe, online payments. Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business. We handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

Fair. Eleven classes for ten. We run a promotional loyalty card scheme so that you can collect class attendance. Go to ten classes and get the next one free.

Blue light card. As a Emergency Services, NHS and Armed forces BlueLightCard holder, you can claim 10% off any class or PT session.

Defence Discount Service. As a Defence Discount Service Card holder, you can claim 10% off any class or PT session.

Bespoke. Custom built parkour equipment. Our indoor classes uses bespoke designed and built re-configurable bar and rail structures, vault boxes and training equipment to simulate common environments.

Gift cards for LondonParkour classes or PT sessions. We run two gift card options to enable you to purchase a bulk group of sessions in one go.

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