Gift Cards

There are three, easy steps to buying and using gift-cards. Buying, Confirming and Booking.

Each gift card will have a limit of uses and will become unusable once that amount of bookings have been made.

Step 1 – Buying

On the Pricing page, simply click on the ‘Buy’ button under the specific gift card you wish to purchase.

This will popup a payment window.

Screenshot stripe popup

Throw in the email address that you wish to use for email confirmation and your credit card details.

Once you are sure the details are correct, click the ‘Pay £xx.xx’ Button.

You should see the text of the button change to ‘processing…’ and then redirect to the confirmation screen.

Step 2 – Confirmation

Once the payment has confirmed, you will either get a page with details of any problems with the payment or a thank you page. Rest assured, no payment will be taken if any errors are made. If there is an error, try again from the pricing page.

You will be redirected to the ‘Thank You’ page and be sent a confirmation email with details of the purchase once everything is complete. This page will contain some important information you must keep.

Primarily, the page will contain the coupon code.  This is the code you should use when booking a class. Please make sure you keep it safe and do not share it with others.

There will also be the Stripe Transaction ID for reference and your records.

Confirmation Page screenshot

Step 3 – Booking

With your new coupon code, you can use it when booking any class on our class schedule. Simply head over to the classes page, choose the class you want to do, enter your Forename, Surname, Email and Waiver. Then click ‘Book and pay’.

The payment screen will include a ‘coupon’ section. Enter your new coupon code and press ‘redeem’ to see a 100% discount on that class.

coupon before
coupon after

Finally, you should see a confirmation page of your booking with an optional ability to add the appointment to your own personal calendar, as well as a confirmation email to the address given at the start of the booking.

Confirmation screen

Giftcard Checker

If you have a giftcard code, enter it in here to see how many remaining uses you have.