Injury Professionals

All of the therapists and injury professionals have a first-hand experience and knowledge of parkour and the type of movement it incorporates. They have spent time with LondonParkour and understand the types of injuries specific to the discipline.

Freedom Fit Massage

Gemma at FreedomFit Massage is a Soft Tissue Therapist, MSc, CTHA, ISRM.

FreedomFit Massage

Soft Tissue Therapy can be used to prevent injury; maintain optimum ranges and quality of movement; rehabilitate from injury/soft tissue damage/post surgery; improve posture; help in optimising alignment throughout the body. All treatments will effectively reduce pain, improve movement and relieve stress. All of these are elements which help to promote health and wellness in body and mind.

Lifestyle Therapies

Tom at Lifestyle Therapies is a level 5 certified sports and remedial therapist.


Lifestyle Therapies is about a tailored, holistic, approach promising appropriate treatment for every individual who visits us at the LIFESTYLE clinic, with a particular emphasis on education, understanding and movement re-education. You will walk out better than you walked in.