Private Sessions

Upgrade your movement.
Available to all, no matter your starting point.

Private 1-to-1 Training

Practical. Challenging. Fun.

From regular Nine-to-Fivers & Shift Workers to Olympic athletes, Special forces and A-Listers.
We’ve trained them all, and we can help you too.

The Service

What we can provide for you.
Andy does a jump.
Parkour Roots
We heavily focus upon the practical, original, way of training parkour from the founders.
The fundamentals have always been on practicality and functionality. With strength, conditioning and resiliance being combined with challenge and adaptability.
Feedback Loop.
Kevin and Lizzy looking at an iPad.
Constructive Guidance
Constructive, educational, feedback to help drive towards your goal.
Get the best help on any aspect of your training. When learning or perfecting a new movement skill, constant feedback from a well informed professional is important.
Knowledgable & Experienced.
Andy teaches balancing.
Since 2005
As third-generation practitioners with over fifteen years of full-time training and coaching, it gives us unparalleled knowledge & experience to pass onto you.
With well over a decade of full-time international parkour and movement coaching, our coaches are among the most accomplished in the world. Instructing all levels of ability, professions and demographics, we’re certain we can help you too.
Real Results.
Lizzy does a v-sit.
Train smart and regularly.
Consistency wins the race. Put the effort in and we’ll ensure the sessions are smart, enjoyable, and get results.
If you constantly give the body something to adapt to it will change.
We ensure that your training is the right thing for you and make sure you understand why you’re doing it.

The Details

What you need to know.
Per Person
Per Hour
This is our base price for weekly private sessions. We can offer discounts to those who book multiple sessions a week and are regular customers.
We use a number of well know locations around London that are dense with training spots to help with variety within the sessions. We usually pick areas that also have undercover locations incase of weather issues.
Dates & Times
All private sessions are booked around existing slots, coach availability and regular classes. PT sessions are usually booked over the weekends or occasional weekday evenings.
Your Reasons
Goals & Focus
Whether you want a beginner parkour taster session, need feedback and guidance on particular movements, want a coach to help with broad health/fitness or you need a coach for the kids, we’re adapatable to you and your goals.
Rain or Shine
Weather Conditions
Regardless of weather conditions, all PT sessions will run. All locations will have an undercover spot that we can utilise. Also, we try to use the weather to our advantage and treat it as an added challenge variable.
24 hours
Cancellation Policy
We have a non-refundable 24 hour cancellation policy. This is because the date/time slot you reserved cannot be booked by someone else and without 24 hours notice, we cannot reuse that period again.
Session Starts.
The slot you book starts at the exact date/time agreed since other bookings will be following on from your session. The coach will always be early so make sure you arrive ready to go.
1 Hour
Session Lengths.
The minimum slot length is one hour for you to train with our coaches. You can increase the length of time of the session in half-hour increments and can be scheduled in during your booking.

Get Started

A three step process to getting a private booking.
Come train with us.

Our Clientele

Available to all demographics.
New Skills.
Lizzy climbs up a rope.
For the determined
Have specific goals?
Then enjoy the journey getting there.
The process of learning a new skill can be complex. From technique, tension-over-position, mobility, torque, movement type, biomechanics, strength & conditioning, programming, nutrition, improvement paths, accessory work and much more… We’re here to help.
Enjoy movement again.
Kevin strides at an angle.
For the curious
For those who just want to add true functional movement into their lives.
The reason your gym is boring is that It’s rarely natural to human movement.
As natural biological creatures the last 6 million years of evolution has built us to move with our whole body in all directions. Learn to move the right way again.
Pro Athletes & Teams.
Andy does a drop jump.
For the movers
Supplement your sport & profession with practical strength and conditioning.
Add our training into your plan and see improvement in all of your other human attributes. From moving in completely unfamiliar environments, multi-limb movement or coordination to team building, fear-management and mental toughness.
Get moving again.
Lizzy does a side split.
For the injured
For those looking to return to moving well, often, and pain-free.
We can analyse your movement patterns, imbalances, structural faults, injuries and most importantly, daily lifestyle choices that are causing your issues. We’ll show you what it’s going to take to fix the problems.

Group Sessions

Exclusively Inclusive.
Hand crafted training structured just for you.

Military Training

Practical Urban Parkour.
Forces entry preparation and tactical movement methodologies.