Private Bookings.

One-to-one, group and military training.

Parkour is a truly distinctive experience that will change your ideas of training. Learn to overcome obstacles, challenge your mind and move the way nature intended.

The Big Leagues


One-to-one, Private Group & Military Sessions.

Payment, booking and confirmation of a private training session with a LondonParkour coach.


Please Make sure you have arranged a session before you make a payment, otherwise we cannot guarantee any slots or bookings. Each payment is for a single person, per hour.

Kevin teaches balancing on a rail



Customised Amounts.

Payment, booking and confirmation of a private training session with a LondonParkour coach.

Agreed Price.

This is for pre-agreed amounts on block bookings and regular purchases. Pleasee DO NOT use this unless you have already contacted LondonParkour and made a booking.

Kevin strides across posts

The Details

Terms & Conditions.
Per Person
Per Person, Per Hour
Each single payment is for an individual person, per hour. For multiple people, plese increase the quantity in the payment popup modal for stripe.
Safe & Secure
All transactions go through our global payment provider Stripe is certified to the highest compliance standards, with machine learning and fraud detection. Used by Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Spotify, you can be sure your payments will be as secure as possible.
No Personal Data
LondonParkour does not keep any personal data, including email addresses, user accounts or credit card information on our servers. To make things as simple and secure as possible, we directly pass all information through to our payment provider.
365 days
Expiry Date
Every coupon has an expiry date of one year from the date/time of purchase. We endeavour to be as fair as possible, so special circumstances (like a pandemic) will make us much more flexible on this rule.