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Military Training

Specialist Urban Movement.

Parkour has roots in the military and fire service, combined with it’s practicality and spirit of challenge make it an essential tool for combat environments.

The Service

Parkour at it’s most functional.
Entry Requirements.
Kevin does a step vault.
Officer Training
Learn the most effective ways to overcome troublesome obstacles and routes.
Many future army officers, recruits and soldiers applying to other units or regiments have had private one-to-one sessions with londonparkour to help accomplish physical parts of the entry processes and training.
Entry & Exit.
Lizzy climbs up a rope.
Infiltration & Exfiltration
Route planning & parkour vision – Learn how to see the world as a challenge and understand what you are physically able to do.
Assess potential routes from a distance with the fore-thought of being able to exfiltrate too. Be able to adapt at the moment and understand the factors involved with buildering and climbing techniques.
Facility Test.
Ben does a big standing broad jump.
Penetration Testing
Assessing the potential of bypassing physical security measures. We will help you understand the capabilities of the human body. Can an unauthorised person scale a security wall? Access a roof? Go where they’re not meant to? Bypass the razor fence? Climb a building?
All of these types of things are what our parkour professionals can help you assess. We’ll be able to show you what is possible and what is not possible. We’ll be able to give suggestions on how to protect and secure your facility better.
Body Armour.
Andy Does Pushups on his fingers.
Strength & Conditioning
We have no equipment in parkour. Just a pair of trainers. The idea is that the world around us is our gym and most training can be accomplished with simple things like a wall, a fence, a rail, or even nothing at all.
We can show you how practical movement training is completely different from all other training because we’re doing the exact movement required to overcome that challenge. Conditioning is the key here. Conditioning parkour movements for power, strength, control and all other attributes are what keeps your training fun, enjoyable and easy to implement.

The Details

What you need to know.
We use a number of well know locations around London that are dense with training spots to help with variety within the sessions. We usually pick areas that also have undercover locations incase of weather issues.
Dates & Times
All training sessions are booked around existing slots, coach availability and regular classes. Military sessions are usually booked over the weekends or occasional weekday evenings.
Your Reasons
Goals & Focus
From One-day or Two-day Unit training, overnight parkour night-missions to Individual prep-work for physical exams, we can design packages right for your requirements.
1 Hour
Session Lengths.
The minimum slot length is one hour for you to train with our coaches. You can increase the length of time of the session in half-hour increments and can be scheduled in during your booking. Workshops can be booked in one or two day amounts and night missions are sun-down to sun-up.

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Definitive Guide To Army & Military Parkour Training.
Take a deep dive into the types of relevant things that are taught at LondonParkour when delivering military parkour training to soldiers.

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