Private Sessions

Upgrade your movement.
Available to all, no matter your starting point.

Group Sessions

The new standard in functional training.

Parkour is a truly distinctive experience that will change your ideas of training.
Learn to overcome obstacles, challenge your mind and move the way nature intended.

The Service

Just for you and your group.
Your needs.
Everyone doingp pushups in different positions
Group Experiences
No matter what you have in mind, we’re highly adaptable to the requirements and needs.
Single bookings for birthday parties, company team-building workshops, events and international seminars. Nothing is off the table. Our coaches have extensive experience in all scales of event.
One or many.
Lizzie running.
Single or Block
Single one-off events or repeatable block bookings for your team can be arranged.
One-off, block or continuous customer-focused parkour to master specific attributes or movement techniques.
Practical & Functional.
Kevin doing a straight legged speed vault.
The REAL Goal
Training with practical applications that make you strong, mobile and resilient.
These days every fitness regime is classified “functional”, but rarely have any real-world direct practical use. In Parkour we train the actual function itself, not a version of it.
Kevin teaching balancing on a rail.
Since 2005
As third-generation practitioners with over fifteen years of full-time training and coaching, it gives us unparalleled knowledge & experience to pass onto you.
With well over a decade of full-time international parkour and movement coaching, our coaches are among the most accomplished in the world. Instructing all levels of ability, professions and demographics, we’re certain we can help you too.

The Details

What you need to know.
Group Size
Minimum People
Per Group
Minimum Group
To qualify for our group sessions, a minimum of four people are required. Any less, then please look at our Private one-to-one sessions.
Per Person
Per Hour
This is our base price for a single group training session. We can offer discounts to those who wish to book with larger groups number over ten people.
We use a number of well know locations around London that are dense with training spots to help with variety within the sessions. We usually pick areas that also have undercover locations incase of weather issues.
Dates & Times
All group sessions are booked around existing slots, coach availability and regular classes. Group sessions are usually booked over the weekends or occasional weekday evenings.
Your Reasons
Goals & Focus
Whether you want a beginner parkour taster session for you and your friends, a team-building exercise into the psychology of overcoming fear, a birthday party for the kids, or anything else in-between, we’re adapatable to you and your needs.
24 hours
Cancellation Policy
We have a non-refundable 24 hour cancellation policy. This is because the date/time slot you reserved cannot be booked by someone else and without 24 hours notice, we cannot reuse that period again.
Session Starts.
The slot you book starts at the exact date/time agreed since other bookings will be following on from your session. The coach will always be early so make sure you arrive ready to go.
1 Hour
Session Lengths.
The minimum slot length is one hour for you to train with our coaches. You can increase the length of time of the session in half-hour increments and can be scheduled in during your booking.

Get Started

A three step process to booking.
Come train with us.

Your Coach

Experienced and Knowledgable.
Est. 2005
Andy does a handstand.
Our 3rd-generation coaches have been around since the beginning of the London Parkour scene.
From daily classes and PTs, to military training and helping A-List celebrities, in fifteen years we’ve taught parkour in Asia, Europe and the Americas. We’ve helped build NGBs, Create international parkour coach qualifications and deliver coaching courses around the globe.
Lizzy lifts a kettlebell.
Having abilities in Parkour is only a part of the equation. Being an effective coach is a completely separate requirement of the role.
Teaching is a skill. Our coaches have decades of experience, exposure and a certified education in coaching.
Lizzy does a slide monkey vault.
For the Love
Our passion for parkour shows in our sessions. We want to help others move, just as we do.
Why do we teach? Simple – For the love of movement, self improvement and to build better humans.
Take the Lead.
Kevin Flies towards the camera.
Leading by Example
All of our coaches train regularly and often. We’ll make sure we can demonstrate everything we plan as possible and reasonable.
Knowing how to do something and doing it can be wildly different. We always lead our classes and sessions by example… Making sure we can do everything we’re asking you to do.

One-to-One PT

Practical. Challenging. Fun.
Redefine health & fitness.

Military Training

Practical Urban Parkour.
Forces entry preparation and tactical movement methodologies.