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structured just for you.

The new standard in functional training.

Redefine health & fitness.

Parkour is a truly distinctive experience that will change your ideas of training.

Learn to overcome obstacles, challenge your mind and move the way nature intended.

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Just for you

Group Experiences

Single bookings for birthday parties, company team-building workshops, events and international seminars.


One-off, block or continuous customer-focused parkour to master specific attributes or movement techniques.


Improve your movement vocabulary. Rehabilitate faulty patterns, muscle chains & neuromuscular pathways.


Being injured is something most athletes have to cope with at some point in their career.

Usually left to figure out the problem yourself, it can be hard to pinpoint the source of the problem. Get in touch with our experts to get a helping hand.

Your coach


From daily classes and PTs to military training and traingin A-List celebrities, in fifteen years we’ve taught parkour in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Constructive Guidance

You'll get the best help on any aspect of your training. When learning or perfecting a new movement skill, constant feedback from a well informed professional is important.


Why do we teach? Simple – For the love of movement, self improvement and to build better humans.


Teaching is a skill. Our coaches have decades of experience, exposure and a certified education in coaching.


From helping to build one of the worlds largest parkour coach qualifications, to contributing to the setup of the UK Parkour NGB.

ITC (level 2) First-aid trained, DBS Checked, (Level 3) Sports Tutor, and Teaching qualified (PTLLS level 4)

Leading by example

Knowing how to do something and doing it can be wildly different. We always lead by example.

Injury Professionals

Training comes with its bumps and bruises, but when chronic long-lasting pain starts to occur, it’s time to seek advice.

Tension over position

Using the right muscles to do the work, despite how the movement and position looks, is absolutely key.


Often, the body's dominant muscles take over from the correct ones and, over time, strain tendons and muscle tissue. Leading on to inflammation, tendonitis or worse.

Get help with correct technique and tension through LondonParkour.

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Chronic Pain

Today’s society is designed to make life safe. Unfortunately, that means developing muscular imbalances and weakness.

Short & Long term

Short term tissue relief can be found usually by massaging and lengthening the correct tight muscle groups that are pulling on connection points.

For long-term fixes, strength training of the weaker (opposite) muscle groups will permanently fix the problem.

Physical Therapy

Visit our network of injury therapy professionals with an understanding and experience of parkour movement.