A custom parkour and movement experience built just for you and your group. An excellent way to experience parkour for the first time, train with your colleagues or for a specific celebration.
Slide monkey fizz fence

Groups, parties & experiences

Londonparkour can customise and create bespoke sessions to create exactly what you want.

2 to 200

Number of participants.


LondonParkour is able to happy to consider any size party group. We are able to easily deal with any group below 20, but can prepare and organise multiple coaches for any number of students.

Experienced Coaches

Get to train with parkour coaches with over a decade of experience.

Coaches Time

There's a difference between practitioners and coaches. Coaching is a completely different skill in itself which requires constant learning and exposure. You can be happy in the knowledge of being with some of the most experienced coaches in the world.


We can tailor your experience to whatever your needs and requirements are.


Whether you need a one-off parkour experience or a highly specific training session on particular topics, we can facilitate. Perhaps a workshop on fear for your company teams? Or maybe a fun 1-hour birthday intro experience into parkour?

Contact us

If this is something you’re interested in doing, please use the contact form to pop us a quick message expressing your interest so we can get back to you with more details.