Free Class

Nothing in life is free. However, this particular class takes payment in the form of students overcoming challenges, completing tasks and just by participating!

Our free class is a great introduction to LondonParkour, the coaches, the other students, and Parkour itself. If you’ve always wanted to try, now there’s nothing to lose (other than your breath, calories, sweat and energy).

There’s no need to book, just head over to the classes page and see when and where the next free class is.

How it works

Essentially, the class consists of three parts. A warm-up, the session, and the cooldown. Exactly the same as any of our normal classes.

The difference will be in the session part. As mentioned above, there is still a payment to the class, just in challenges and working hard. You’ll get a little taster in a few bits of parkour, but for the real-deal you’ll need to visit a proper class.

It’s a lot of fun and a perfect way to see what parkour task-based training is all about.

Rule 1 – Punctuality

Class joint mobility and warm-ups are absolutely essential to ensure that students do not hurt themselves during the rest of the session. Therefore, we have to make sure that all students are on time and complete this essential stage.

Also, our coaches take a lot of time to plan the class precisely, so that as a student you will completely safe. Cold muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments that have not been properly mobilised are much more likely to injure.

Therefore, we insist that all students be on time (be early) to the session. Anyone more than five minutes late will not be allowed to join for that class.

Rule 2 – Still a class

Even though this is a free class, it is still a class run by LondonParkour and therefore all of the same conditions apply. For all of the rules of our classes, head over to the beginner class support page.