Youth Class East 8-14 16-12-2023

Saturday 16th Dec.
10:30 to 12:00
Canada Water
age 8 to 14
Canada Water station, surrey quays road, London, UK
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Kids that are healthy, fun and smart. Get your children to understand early on how to remain mobile, enjoy movement and become better humans.

In today’s society, we believe that our youth need an honest, enjoyable, professional and disciplined way of learning how to move. At LondonParkour, we give kids real challenges where they learn about the fundamentals of challenge, personal fear and how to approach and tackle it.

General Class goals

  • To provide challenges and achievable goals that promote human growth.

  • Give a continual feedback loop where the constantly grow.

  • Enjoy moving and learn to adapt, explore and experience.

  • Foster collaboration, rather than competition. Helping each other, not dominating.

  • Expand the way they see the world and the possibilities of moving within it.